Care for Curly Hair

If you have curly hair, chances are your hair tends to be dry, coarse and brittle. It also tends to frizz up, doesn't it? Here, we show you how to care for your curly hair.

Products Every Curly-Haired Girl Needs

Unlike your limp-tressed sisters who should stay away from products that weigh down their hair, you need a few products to keep frizz and dryness in check:
Creamy shampoos Creamy shampoos are a better bet than clarifying (or clear) shampoos.
Two types of conditioners You simply cannot overcondition frizzy hair. You need a heavy conditioner for use every time you wash your hair, and a deep conditioner for use once a week.
Smoothing cream and alcohol-free gel From the minute you step out of the shower, you need to coat the cuticle so it locks out moisture. In the book 'Confessions of a Beauty Editor,' author Linda Wells suggests a one-two-punch: 2 parts cream for 1 part gel (yes, you have to buy the products separately). A walnut-sized amount will do you. Simply rub together then palm the mixture from mid-shaft down. Comb the product throughout all of your hair with a wide-toothed comb.
Styling cream Enhance your curls with a cream created for curly hair. Rub it in and let hair airdry.
Style serum Warm up a couple drops of this in your hands and palm over dry, frizzy curls. The serum will solve your frizz problems.
Straightening balm or gel If you want to blow-dry hair straight, rub a quarter-size amount of this on hair before drying curly hair (always in sections, working from the lower layers on up).

Put Away the Blow Dryer

To combat the frizzies, refrain from blowing hair dry. Adding heat to air only increases the problem. Instead, finger-comb hair, letting curls air-dry. (Luckily, because your hair tends to be dry, so you don't need to wash hair more than a couple times a week). If you must use a blow dryer, use a diffuser and dry by cupping hair with your hands from below (never scrunch curls, you'll invite frizz). One tip we learned from a curly haired friend: Don't rub hair dry with a towel, instead squeeze moisture out with paper towels.

The Less You Mess, the Better

The more you play with your curls, blow drying them, scrunching them, etc, the better chances you'll get frizz. You can style hair by twisting curls around your finger, letting them lay to air dry.

How to Straighten Curly Hair

First apply straightening balm (see above). Divide hair into four or five sections and blow dry each section using a flat paddle brush. Once hair is COMPLETELY dry, flat-iron 2-inch sections at a time. Rub a silicon-based gloss between hands and palm over your straightened sections. It will help hold the hair in place.

Want Straight Hair for Good? Consider a Permanent Treatment

If you find you flat-iron your hair almost every time you wash it, you might consider investing in a permanent hair-relaxing session. Gentle relaxers can last up to six months and take only about an hour to do. But these are best on single-processed hair (hair that's not been colored). Thermal reconditioning is another option. The process takes about four hours but lasts six to 10 months.

Get the Right Haircut

Curly hair needs length to weigh curls down. Your best cut will be medium to long, with layers cut in to alleviate some of the fullness. What you don't want is a blunt cut, which means a ton of fullness on the bottom -- a very dated look. Instead, ask for layers starting at your upper lip, gradually angled back.

Find a Good Stylist

My stylist had curly hair and she went to another stylist with curly hair to get her hair cut. Why? Because she knew this stylist understood her hair, her needs and how finicky curly hair can be. Not everyone agrees with me (some stylists insist anyone can cut curly hair), but I still stand firm.

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