Does It Really Matter What Shampoo You Use?

We get this question a lot and we've read a variety of answers. Some experts say don't waste your money on a fancy bottle of shampoo when you can get Pantene at the grocery store. Others plug their favorites (and we have ours, as well). But you have to wonder if these 'experts' have some ties to the beauty industry and get some sort of kick backs. Some advice we do buy:

1. Watch the ingredients You want the most gentle shampoo possible, therefore you can't go wrong with a basic baby shampoo. Prefer a regular shampoo? Check bottle labels to see if shampoo contains the lathering agent sodium laureth sulfate. According to the April, 2006, issue of 'Ladies Home Journal,' this product is incredibly drying and will leech moisture from your hair. While you can't tell how much is in the bottle, your best option is to buy shampoos without any of it, or others billed as 'gentle cleansers.'

2. Don't bother with shampoos for colored hair We've read these shampoos can actually strip hair of color because of the harsh ingredients. Again, you're better off opting for a shampoo and conditioner touted as 'gentle'.

3. Supposedly the description on the bottle matters While we're skeptical that shampoos that promise to reduce breakage, boost shine or add body, actually deliver, the experts overwhelmingly insist they do. So we bow to the majority and say abide by the descriptions. If a shampoo bottle says it's moisturizing, volumizing frizz-reducing or shine-enhancing, assume it is. We'll alert you the minute we hear otherwise.

4. If in doubt, go with what you like. If you like a shampoo and the way your hair feels then something must be working. Hold on to it. If your hair is limp, frizzy or dried out like hay, chances are you need a haircut, a deep conditioning or new products that will combat the frizz. Shampoo may not be the culprit.

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