Nail Polish ( Extend the life of your manicure )

Ever spend an hour doing your nails only to smudge a nail within minutes of finishing up the last coat? Here's six tips to avoid those smudges on your next manicure...

1: Make sure nails are super clean
                                                         Natural oils on your nails aid in chipping. Even if your nails are polish-free, apply polish remover to get rid of oils on the surface of nails.

2: Prep nails with a base coat Polish will adhere best to nails prepped with a base coat

3: Don't lay on the polish too thick 
                                                                Three to four thin coats of polish rather than 2 thick coats will last longer, cut down on drying time and cause fewer changes of bubbles brewing on your nails.

4: Don't forget the tip  
                                      When polishing, polish the tip of the nail as well. This helps cut down on nail polish chipping.

5: Consider a shimmery color. 
                                              The little particles of sparkle will help polish cling to your nails.

6: Apply a clear topcoat 
                                             Topcoat helps extend the life of your manicure. You can use the base coat as a topcoat. Do brush topcoat on and around the edges of nails as well, it's an extra seal against chipping.

7: Allow proper drying time 
                                                                              Make sure you give your nails a good 45 minutes drying time before handling objects. Once dry time is over, submerge nails in cold water then apply lotion. This allows for a slippery surface until nails are completely dry. For pedicures, wrap toes in plastic wrap if you're wearing shoes other than flip-flops or sandals.

8: Keep topcoat handy  
                                           To prolong the life of your manicure, apply a topcoat every other day.

Hope you you enjoyed reading my post & found it useful

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