Secrets to Sexy Hair-2

Secret #10: Buns are cool, just keep them loose Updos aren't just for prom, New Years and Lois Lane. A loose, casual updo is a quick way to look pulled together. Simply finger-comb hair into a low, disheveled bun or knot and attach with a ponytail holder and bobby pins. And please, leave the tight, ballerina 'do for the dancers.
Secret #11: A temporary end to frayed ends Here's a stylist secret courtesy of the February, 2006, issue of Marie Claire: When suffering from the nasty frayed endsies, hairstylist Rodney Groves spreads Kerastase Serum Nutri-Sculpt (a leave-in treatment) through dry hair, then blasts ends with a blow dryer. We recommend you put this product on your list & keep it around for those moments before every hair cut when we need help (and fast!)

Secret #12: Don't wait too long before color touch-ups If you get your color touched up on a regular basis (about every 28 days) you may actually keep your hair from unnecessary damage. Not waiting too long means your stylist won't have to dye your whole head due to color fading. In the meantime, cover up roots with a home hair-color kit. Although there are great root touch-up kits out there, a regular dye kit will do you. And don't worry about perfectly matching, it's likely not going to happen on a salon dye job & no one will notice. Swap out the brush that comes in the kit & instead use a clean mascara wand (you can get these at any drugstore).

Secret #13: Shiny hair doesn't have to be genetic Stylist know the secret to sheen is to spritz or add a couple drops of shine serum.

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