How to Apply Eyeliner - - Eyeliner Tips & Tricks-1

Eyeliner can make even the smallest eyes appear larger.
 Applying it correctly is key, you don't want the line to be too dark, harsh and obvious or you risk looking overdone. Here we share our favorite tried-but-true eyeliner tips.

The Basic, "I'm Off to Work or the Weekend," Eye

This is the perfect work or weekend look for women who want their eyes to "pop" without giving off the appearance of a woman who's really, really into makeup, so into makeup she has this site bookmarked in her Web favorites.
The key to the basic eye is to apply with a light hand. Unless you are Catherine Zeta-Jones or Beyonce and have been blessed with sultry dark looks, opt for a lighter shade than kohl or black. 
The basic eye is all about appearing natural. Leave the black for the looks below.
This look calls for liquid or pencil eyeliner, a deep-hued eyeshadow and an eyeliner brush.

Step 1: Holding the skin of your upper lid taut, apply eyeliner from the outside corner of the eye, stopping two-thirds of the way along the eyelid. Apply with short strokes, drawing the line into the lash line rather than above it. For a more dramatic look, make the outside line a bit thicker than the inside. 

Step 2: Set liner with a deep eyeshadow. Dip eyeshadow brush into the shadow, then apply shadow over the eyeliner. This will set the eyeliner, which tends to rub off on eyelid.

Step 3: Apply eyeshadow to lower lashes. Using your eyeshadow brush, apply the deep-hued eyeshadow along the bottom lashes, from the outside in. Unless you have wide-set eyes, don't line the entire lower lid. Instead, stop halfway across. For a more natural look, don't dip the brush into the shadow again, instead, use the excess that's still on the brush for the lower lashes.

Step 4:Clean up any mistakes with a cotton swab. 

Extra tips: To make eyes appear wider, trace the inner rims of eyes with a white pencil.
Throw out the cheapie applicators that come with your makeup. Investing in a good set of makeup brushes is key to a flawless face). 

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