1 - Cleansing of skin

Most of us know that cleansing is an important part of good skin care
The purpose of a cleanser, or soap, is to surround, loosen, and make it easy to remove dirt, debris, germs, excess oils, and left-over products applied to the skin. Unfortunately, there are harmful effects of cleansers on the skin. 
 Cleansing of skin

 Cleansing of skin

Many people have dry skin because of their cleansing routines, not because their skin is normally dry. Often people think that their skin isn't clean unless it feels dry and tight after they wash it. People get used to the way their skin normally feels. They come to expect that they will have dry, rough patches on the backs of their hands, itch in winter time, and sometimes have a dull complexion. They don't know that their choice of cleanser could be hurting their skin.
How do you know what type of cleanser to use and where? The first step is to understand your cleanser options:
  • Bar soaps - The most irritating cleansers but the best to get rid of dirt and grime
  • Liquid cleansers - A wide variety of tolerability - good for cleaning all but the oiliest skin
  • Facial cleansers - The mildest cleanser but may not remove oil and dirt as well.

Cleansing Bottom Line

  • You don't have to feel dry to be clean
  • You have good options
  • Use the mildest cleanser possible that still removes dirt, oil and debris 

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