Exfoliating the Face with Face Cloths

With all of the new products and tools available to wash your face, trying to pick the facial cleanser that's "just right" for you can be confusing. Not too long ago, the only choices you had if you wanted to wash your face were bar soaps and cold creams. Now there are whole aisles devoted to various faclal cleansing options. To cut down on the cleansing confusion, you should make sure you read Skin Care 101.

Introducing the Face Cloth

One of the new types of facial cleansers is the face cloth. No, not the wash cloth that's hanging above your bathroom sink. These face cloths are specifically designed to cleanse your face, and they are very popular. Many enjoy the feel of a cool cloth on the face, and they are more sanitary than bar soaps, as they are designed for one-time use. One downside, however, is that they are more expensive than conventional cleansers.

Types of Face Cloths

Face cloths come in different varieties, and some are more appropriate for certain skin types and needs than others. 

Face Cloth Lathering

One way to classify varieties of face cloths is based on whether they lather or not.

Lathering cloths require wetting to activate the cleanser and rinsing off afterward. Some have a moisturizer embedded that helps hydrate the skin after cleansing. In one study, people with rosacea were able to use this type of cloth without too much irritation, so it should be OK for other types of sensitive skin, too.
Non-lathering cloths are pre-moistened towelettes that clean the skin by wiping the surface; you do not need to rinse your face after using one. They generally don't have a moisturizer embedded, but they can remove eye makeup without any irritation around the eyes. 

Face Cloth Weave


Another way to classify face cloths is by how they are made. The weave of the cloth, especially, can indicate which option may be best for you. 


Open-weave cloths have holes in between the fibers, making the cloth softer. These cloths are better for sensitive skin types. Closed-weave cloths have a tighter weave, which offers more exfoliation. These cloths tend to be better better for oily skin types or people who want an option that acts more like a scrub. 

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