Make Yourself a Homemade Salt Scrub ( treatment for dehydrated skin in winter )

Winter is a harsh time for skin. Excessively cold air coupled with lack of humidity in indoor spaces caused by heating can leave skin dehydrated, scaly & patchy. Head to a posh spa & you can treat yourself (for a mere $100-$300) to an all-over body salt scrub. Or why not do-it-yourself for next to nothing? All you need is liquid body soap, a coarse salt & a nice, warm bath.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 10 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Run a warm bath & soak for a good 10 minutes (you can also skip the bath & do this in the shower)
  2. Put on loofah mitts (the softer, the better)
  3. sprinkle a palmful of sea salt on a mitt
  4. mix in liquid body soap
  5. rub mitts together so the salt & soap are mixed together
  6. rub the mixture all over your body, rubbing in a circular motion. Rub harder on tougher areas such as the bottom of your feet, elbows & knees. Avoid your face.
  7. Rinse thoroughly
  8. Follow with a thick moisturizer (we like Shea butter). Avoid alpha hydroxy products



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