Skin Problems (treatment of Undereye Circles)

Dark circles are famously annoying and unfortunately, there's no way to get rid of them. However, you have 3 basic options for concealing them:

Option 1: 
Use a proper concealer. 
                                               Test out the best colors at a department store counter or at Sephora. (Tip: Tell the makeup artist you are looking to correct the undereye circles and are testing several different types before purchase). Choose concealer that's a shade lighter than your foundation. And if your circles are very dark, go 2 shades lighter. You might be choosing a concealer that's too light if you are getting a 'raccoon look.'

We find it works best to apply stick concealers with your finger dabbing a few dots under your eyes.

Option 2:
 Invest in a vitamin K-based eye product 
                                                                                    Eye creams such as Vita-K Solution gel can help strengthen capillary walls so dark circles and veins become less visible.

Option 3:
 Laser treatment 
                                    If you have a chronic case of undereye circles, you should contact a doctor about lasers. Lasers can thicken the skin by increasing collagen production, so you are less likely to see veins,

How to Fix Puffy Eyes



Woke up with puffy eyes? While a washcloth soaked in chamomile tea works great, as does the teabag itself applied to puffy bags, I find a bag of frozen vegetables does the trick in less time. Simply place the bag (Real Simple Magazine suggests corn or peas -- I prefer peas)over eyes for a couple minutes and watch the puffiness disappear

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