Anti-aging (how to Slow the Aging Skin Process)-2

You saw the 5 'dos' for perfect skin care. Now here are 
B- 5 don'ts:  

1-Don’t pull and rub your skin.
                                                       Aging skin has been under attack by UV rays, stress and carbon monoxide so don't stress it more by pulling on it.

2-Don’t forget to moisturize 

                                               While it's a myth that wrinkles are caused by dry skin, moisturizing can improve the appearance of lines by temporarily plumping them up.

Extra tip: Moisturizers are best used on damp skin. They lock the moisture in. Gross doesn't use tap water when washing skin because of harsh minerals found in many city water sources. 

3-Don’t ignore your neck and chest

                                                     The neck and chest are first to show the signs of aging (they have fewer oil glands than the rest of your body), yet most of us ignore them. 



Look for moisturizers that have age-fighting ingredients like vitamin A (retinols), kinetin, copper or vitamin C.
4-Don’t forget the sunscreen. 
                                        This is a no-brainer. You’ve had it ingrained in your head since youth, but seriously, even in winter it can take just 20 minutes of unprotected sun exposure to damage the skin. . 


By the way, it's a MYTH that 80 percent of your lifetime sun damage occurs before age 18, according to the April, 2006, issue of O Magazine. Katie Rodan, MD, adjunct professor of dermatology at Stanford University School of Medicine, says in O that this myth stands officially debunked and studies indicate we get only 23 percent of total UV exposure by age 18. Of course it gets worse as we age. So you CAN prevent sun-induced aging by wearing sunscreen. 


5-Don’t tan.
                             Even if wrinkles haven't shown up yet, you need to stop tanning now because they will.


 Once signs of aging appears, you'll be spending a lot of money to reverse it. So if you do have sun damage? You can reverse the damage with photorejuvenation such as pulsed light treatments. Many spas and dermatologists provide these pricey fixes. 

  • One word of warning: Once you start an anti-aging regimen, you have to keep it up. The effects of acid peels, AHAs, moisturizers -- all the anti-aging products that remove dead skin cells and make skin look plumper -- won't last forever. You have to maintain them. 
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